File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
ne_dyn.c [code]
ne_dyn.h [code]Network dynamics related structures and functions
ne_dyn_edge_ode_lib.c [code]
ne_dyn_edge_ode_lib.h [code]Continuous time edge coupling dynamics library
ne_dyn_node_ode_lib.c [code]
ne_dyn_node_ode_lib.h [code]Continuous time node dynamics library
ne_dyn_vec.c [code]
ne_dyn_vec.h [code]Vector type data type and associated functions allocate, free and manipulate contents
ne_evo.c [code]
ne_evo.h [code]Evolution related output functions for NetEvoX
ne_mut.c [code]
ne_mut.h [code]Network mutation related structures and functions
ne_mut_lib.c [code]
ne_mut_lib.h [code]System mutations library
ne_per.c [code]
ne_per.h [code]Performance measure related structures and functions
ne_per_lib.c [code]
ne_per_lib.h [code]Performance measure library
ne_sim.c [code]
ne_sim.h [code]Network dynamics simulation related structures and functions
ne_sim_cvode.c [code]
ne_sim_cvode.h [code]
ne_sim_gslode.c [code]
ne_sim_gslode.h [code]Continuous time networks dynamics simulatior
ne_sim_map.c [code]
ne_sim_map.h [code]Discrete time mapping simulatior
ne_std.c [code]
ne_std.h [code]Standard library of common functions and structures used throughout NetEvo
ne_sup_sa.c [code]
ne_sup_sa.h [code]Simulated anneling based supervisor
ne_sys.c [code]
ne_sys.h [code]Defines the NetEvo system data type and associated functions
netevo.h [code]