ne_mut_lib.h File Reference

System mutations library. More...

#include "ne_std.h"
#include "ne_sys.h"
#include "ne_mut.h"

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ne_mut_tne_mut_rewire_alloc (ne_real_t expMean)
 Allocate random edge rewiring (exp dist) mutation.
ne_err_code_t ne_mut_rewire (ne_sys_t *sys, double *params, char *strMut)
 Random edge rewiring (exp dist) mutation function.

Detailed Description

System mutations library.

Mutations library used by supervisors to generate variations in network topology that can then be tested to see if favourable. It is possible for users to write their own mutational functions by creating an ne_mut_fn structure with appropriate enteries. For many cases though the standard built in functions provide randomised methods that cover many situations.

Each type of mutational function type must be allocated with the approriate alloc function, however, a general free fuction (ne_mut_free) is provided which will call the necessary free function for all types.

T.E. Gorochowski

Definition in file ne_mut_lib.h.

Function Documentation

ne_err_code_t ne_mut_rewire ( ne_sys_t sys,
double *  params,
char *  strMut 

Random edge rewiring (exp dist) mutation function.

The only change that will be performed will be a rewiring of existing edges. No new edges or nodes will be created or destroyed. The params input for this function is a single double value corrisponding to the exponential mean used when calculating the number of edges that should be rewired.

ne_mut_t* ne_mut_rewire_alloc ( ne_real_t  expMean  ) 

Allocate random edge rewiring (exp dist) mutation.

Creates mutational function that will randomly rewire a number of edges chosen from an exponential distribution with mean = expMean at each mutation step.

Definition at line 34 of file ne_mut_lib.c.